5 Minute Triangle: No Exceptions

Here’s the low down, my kids are 6 and 2.  Their social life can’t run my roost or momma is going to loose her s#*@! .  So I live my life with the 5 minute triangle rule.   I commit to nothing on Sundays.  I want to be spontaneous so I schedule spontaneity for Sundays. Awesome and ironic right?  Beyond that, my kids and all their social gatherings or personal health appointments have to be either five minutes from my house or five minutes from work.  No deviation.  This means I am on time and my kids don’t think they are missing out on a thing.  And the truth is, after I drop my kids off at their event I am five minutes away from home. I go back and do whatever I want and I am not wasting time in transit.  Or I just hide at the local library reading trashy novels that I would be too embarrassed to be seen in public with.  Life hack gold I tell you.  Can I get a heck yeah just like the joy in the face of big kid below from when she was little?Big Bonk


Green Stuff: More Than Kale

Ok this idea was derived from the fabulous and thoughtful Loreta.  In my original rant about lifestyle choices I implored people to eat pasta.  To which she added, ‘and there are other greens besides kale’. I love veggies but I am not a huge fan of cold salads in the winter months.  I find it far more satisfying to line a cookie sheet with parchment and roast a bunch of stuff at once and then I bring it to work all week.  It’s cheap and easy, which to my husband’s delight, I actually resemble that remark. He really is an exceptionally lucky man to have this prize as his wife, but I digress.  Ease up on the kale folks.  It’s over done and full of pesticide crap to keep up with consumer demand. Seriously what’s wrong with rapini, swiss chard, dandelion?  Oh and if you want to know my fabulous sheet pan trick  (not my trick but I steal ideas regularly), check out Skinnytaste.  Monday night while I am cleaning up after dinner, I put a sheet pan in the oven with chicken or salmon and veg with a variation on seasonings.  Pack it up in individual serving containers and pull one out of the fridge every morning.  Then I have great food for lunch for the week with no prep in the morning.  Honey is the it factor for me.  A small drizzle of really good honey over the chicken or salmon before a I pack it up and when I reheat it at work it tastes awesome.  I am half Greek.  You need a regular dose of honey or life just isn’t sweet enough.  Also a honey drizzle over fresh ricotta on olive bread toasted is swoon worthy.  I guess I need to start adding picturs to this blog.  It’ll come.  When my moderate life gets to it.

What Makes me Happy?

Little things are the real deal.  The things that make me the happiest are:

  1. Opening the jar of peanut butter and taking the first bite with a spoon.  It’s the best tasting bite in the whole jar.
  2. Sleeping naked after a shower in freshly washed sheets.  Add that those sheets were dried outside on a clothesline and I may squeal.
  3. Watching Dirty Dancing all for that wonderful moment when “No body puts baby in a corner.”
  4. Sleeping through the night.  With two kids and one who grinds her teeth so that I can hear said grinding all the way down the hall, it’s a big deal.  She’s going to cost me a fortune and make a dentist a wealthy woman.
  5. Cheap wine that doesn’t taste cheap or cause me heartburn.  I have a few faves.
  6. Fancy beer that makes me look like I am hipster.  I have a few of those too.
  7. The kids falling asleep on a car ride home after a day with extended family.  They get to sleep feeling safe and completely loved.  I get control of the music.
  8. Pancake breakfast Sunday morning with my tribe.
  9. Pancake breakfast for dinner with my tribe.
  10. My tribe.

Be happy with moderation.  It makes everyday things feel extra special and frankly they are.

Go have a gooey cookie friends.

Moderation Begins Somewhere

I did not have eight different varieties of greens in an egg white only omelet this morning for breakfast.  No, I got up at 4:50 am, pressed the on button to the coffee maker.  Packed lunch for big kid and her daddy.  Got dressed, remembered to brush my teeth, put my hair in a pony tail (A really cute high one.  Think “I Dream of Jeannie”.) and poured 2 cups of coffee.  One in my Anchor Man mug for quick gulping and the other in my travel mug for the early morning ride to work.   Guess what? I made it to work on time, 7 am.  I am the champion of the world.  Once I got the classroom set up I treated myself to two slices of banana bread and a yogurt.  I freaking rocked it this morning.  Oh and my theme song through this regular thing called life; ‘Near to the Wild Heart of Life’ by the Japandroids.  Give it a go.  It’ll grow on you.  Have a great week friends.


The Japandroids. Guaranteed to get your week going right. ‘Kiss me like a chorus…”