I can’t believe I haven’t written about beer!

I am looking at the blog and realize it’s not particularly engaging and my ‘about’ section indicates I like beer but I haven’t written a damn thing about my love of beer.  I am actually on a bit of dry spell these days.  Momma wasn’t fitting into her fat jeans so things are changing a bit. Mostly not drinking every night and no junk food in the evening.  This spell will be broken this weekend when I check out Kingsville, Ontario for the first time.  I am hitting up Jack’s Gastropub for sure.  Check out their Instagram feed.  It’s a thing of beauty.  This right here will be mine by Friday night.  You’re a wee bit jealous aren’t you?


My absolute favourite ale at present and likely for always is Side Launch Wheat.  This marvel makes me feel as though summer should and could last forever if I just try hard enough. Cheers.



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