Goals: Gotta Have’em

I made a top 40 list of things to do this year.  I couldn’t stop at 40 so it’s actually 41 things on the list. Some of them are quite simple to help me keep it real.  I won’t share all 40 because frankly some are intimate and are not meant for anyone but me and my guy.  I told you he won a prize when he picked me.  Here are few:

  1. Hold an owl.  Check.  This is big kid but I did it too.
  2. Lay down in the grass with my girls.  Once we get rid of the bunny crap in the back yard I may get this done.
  3. Eat really expensive chocolate in bed.  Can’t wait for this one.
  4. Learn how to use digital analytics.  I am on it and this blog is part of the learning process for me.
  5. Drink a $250 bottle of wine.  I just may share, depends how good it is.  Really I am fine with being a cheap wine girl.  It keeps it real.
  6. Get a new cell phone.  I am still rocking the 4s.  It’s almost vintage, right?  But really it’s to go with point 4 above.  Need the right tools to be great at something.
  7. Go somewhere I have never been before.  I am heading to Kingsville ON in June and I am so excited for this. It will be without kids so maybe I can get to some of the private stuff on the list that’s not fit for public viewing.

Hope everyone had some family time that required much cookie eating last weekend.  Greek Easter meant I got all the stuff I have loved since I was a little girl and my brother, God love him, brought doughnuts that dreams are made of.


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