CRASH VEGAS: I am 19 again

I woke up this morning ridiculously excited.  Walked the kids to school and am getting ready for work and I am bubbly.  For those who know me bubbly is not a word to describe me.  I am witty, love to laugh and am a bit too honest at times.  But I am almost 40 years old so my sense of filtering has shifted.  I don’t have time to beat around the bush.  I realized walking back from dropping the kids off that I am going to play today.  I get to spend my time this morning with a group of women who decided to take a career break and are trying to navigate going back to work.  This is my favourite thing about my job.  I get to help these women re-invent and re-emerge in their careers in a beautiful way.  Our success rate sits at 68% and growing.  These are the women who make our communities run.  They are usually off for childcare reasons but they do so much and they have forgotten.  Committee work, volunteering and supporting the next generation.  Getting them pack to the paid workforce when they are ready and able is a privilege.  Check box one for an amazing start to my day.  I love running the Back to Work Program.

Check box two, I am hanging with best friend tonight listening to the band that shaped my teenage years and into my early 20’s.  Crash Vegas is back and I am so excited.  There will be Smoke in my eye tonight folks.  And my cookies tonight will be of the barley or grape variety.


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