Keeping it Real Recall

I said I’d start this blog to keep it real but I should qualify, real to me.  If you are one of those mums who can get it all done congrats.  I don’t know you and I really think you are a fiction but heck, mermaids are fiction too but it’s fun to believe in them.  Here’s what I have done so far this week that most likely wouldn’t admit to:

  1.  I had to steal money from my big kid’s wallet to pay the cleaning lady.  I couldn’t get my act together to make sure I had the exact amount on hand, $113.00. Really who has that perfect amount of cash together in the age of debit and credit?  Thankfully my big kid hoards all her cash so the $8.00 I needed to top up the fee to get the house cleaned I had to steal from her.  I did replace it with $10 so really she did come out ahead.
  2. I have a pair of navy velvet tights that I love.  They are a size too small but I look fabulous in them when they stay done up.  I wear a shirt long enough to cover the zipper so when it ‘pops’ open no one can see.  But again, I am vain and they look great.
  3. I ate the last chocolate fudge cookie and likely 2/3 of the box. Double frosting. Might be why those pants in point 2 don’t fit. Yes packaged cookies, I don’t bake.  I hate it.  I hate the mess and the time it takes.
  4. To get my youngest to move into a gear I can work worth, I tell her the coyotes will get her.  She will likely speak to a therapist about this and hate me but you know what, I am getting my stuff done.

There are likely more things that I have done but frankly I can’t even remember the drive to work in the morning so that’s enough for this ‘Keeping it Real Recall’.

Enjoy a cookie folks, it’s Wednesday.  Good enough reason as any.


2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real Recall

  1. I look so forward to reading your blog. You are so REAL. You are also beautiful and your family is sooooo lucky to have you Jen. Happy Easter to all of you. Aunt Ruth


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