Go it Alone

I just bought my Georgia O’Keeffe tickets at the AGO.  Or really I should say one ticket.  I had this romantic idea that I could share my favourite artist with my girls.  Then my husband reminded me; “They’re going to ruin it for you.  Buy one ticket and go by yourself.”  But I am a feminist, and I have two strong-willed girls, they need to know Georgia!  The thought is burning in my brain.  The colours, the flowers the magnitude of scale.  How can someone not love Georgia and be on their best behaviour?  Then I pause and remember they are 6 and 2.  They can be jerks and I am selfish.  If they ruin my chance to appreciate Georgia I will never forgive them.  So I am going alone.  I am going to have an awesome brunch.  I am going to buy the poster.  I am going to hang it above my couch and I am going to tell my girls they need to get themselves to Georgia O’Keeffe when they  are old enough to not piss me off and to love her the way that I do. They can look at the poster until then.  Thank you to the world’s best husband who reminded me that I need this for me and not necessarily share the exact moment with my girls.



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