5 Minute Triangle: No Exceptions

Here’s the low down, my kids are 6 and 2.  Their social life can’t run my roost or momma is going to loose her s#*@! .  So I live my life with the 5 minute triangle rule.   I commit to nothing on Sundays.  I want to be spontaneous so I schedule spontaneity for Sundays. Awesome and ironic right?  Beyond that, my kids and all their social gatherings or personal health appointments have to be either five minutes from my house or five minutes from work.  No deviation.  This means I am on time and my kids don’t think they are missing out on a thing.  And the truth is, after I drop my kids off at their event I am five minutes away from home. I go back and do whatever I want and I am not wasting time in transit.  Or I just hide at the local library reading trashy novels that I would be too embarrassed to be seen in public with.  Life hack gold I tell you.  Can I get a heck yeah just like the joy in the face of big kid below from when she was little?Big Bonk


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