Moderation Begins Somewhere

I did not have eight different varieties of greens in an egg white only omelet this morning for breakfast.  No, I got up at 4:50 am, pressed the on button to the coffee maker.  Packed lunch for big kid and her daddy.  Got dressed, remembered to brush my teeth, put my hair in a pony tail (A really cute high one.  Think “I Dream of Jeannie”.) and poured 2 cups of coffee.  One in my Anchor Man mug for quick gulping and the other in my travel mug for the early morning ride to work.   Guess what? I made it to work on time, 7 am.  I am the champion of the world.  Once I got the classroom set up I treated myself to two slices of banana bread and a yogurt.  I freaking rocked it this morning.  Oh and my theme song through this regular thing called life; ‘Near to the Wild Heart of Life’ by the Japandroids.  Give it a go.  It’ll grow on you.  Have a great week friends.


The Japandroids. Guaranteed to get your week going right. ‘Kiss me like a chorus…”


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